How to Craft Wings in Revelation Online

So many ppl are asking me how to get these Wings, and its pretty Easy IF!! you have bought one of the Expensive Founder Packs and got your Seraphim Wings as a Exampel.

Grammar Nazis plz have mercy, English is my second language.

First you go to Sidus Ur!:

For the Crafting you need 1 Morph Featerhstone, you can buy them by the Wing Item Merchant. It costs 100k Imperial Note or if you dont have enough it will take Imperial Coins as well, but before that it will pop up a warning.

Then you need to Salvage your Wings, I salvaged my Seraphim already so i will Salvage here my Silvermoon Wings.


If you want to craft the Rose Flower, it is not enough to salvage your Serpahim you need 200 fine feathers more to craft it.

U wont get 1132 fine feathers for every golden Wing it differences from what your Wing needs to be craftet.
for Example you craft a Wing for 528 you wont get your full 528 fine feathers back…
You Craft a golden Wing like Silvermoon you wont get your full 1288 fine feathers back..

Press Confirm!

After you salvaged your Wings and Confirmed it the Fine Feathers and the Crafting Material will pop up in your Temporary Invenory, Dont forget to Take it,

Now you have all the Crafting Material to Craft a Wing, just choose one that you would like to craft.

Note: some Yellow wings need 20k Imperial coins or Notes to craft, the purple and the orange one need only 10k

Take it from your Temporary Backpack.

Now that was Easy, equip it and you are free to fly!

Now if you dont have Seraphim Wings to Salvage it is not so easy to get one.

BUT you will get daily Gifts

You have a chance to get 3-5 Fine Feathers or if you are pretty Lucky you will get Wings, yea WINGS!! :thumbsup:

If you have enough Botique Points you can buy the Chest in Sulan.

You need to speak with the Boutique Points Exchanger, there you can Buy the chests for Mounts too. you eed 30 Botique Points

Important!! Botique Points are earned if you wear Apperal from the shop or from Certain NPCs, it just needs to be a Apperal.

Hope i could help some Players, Have a great day



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