Revelation Online Chevron Stealth PVP

The following to level 79 as an example:

Attribute plus point:

Physical constitution 100-120

Spirit 100-120

Power 20

Left all agile

Skill cultivation plus point:
A total of 90 points repair, because the poor can not afford the disease of the high repair + 20 percent attack and some cheap skills such as advanced repair so that the capital can be modified under the way. The The

Equipment and the main stack attribute selection: violence plus – broken defense – crit

Godhead 6-8 with:
The chaos of the middle – the chaos of the shadow
Inner circle gods:
Health crystal 6 -1
Off the crystal 8 -1
Soul of the crystal 8 -1
Soul of the crystal 6 -1
Outer circle gods:
Day of the crystal 6 -2
Month of the crystal 6 -2
When the crystal 6 -2
Empty crystal 6 -2
Can activate 15 attributes – violent and broken defense can activate the two paragraphs. The The

Single Flags:
Dive hands, into the stealth after poisoning +1 stars without edge – fatal, enlightenment forest wind and fire can reach the maximum damage.
After the show, the rotation blade + shadow rotation in turn, as soon as possible to play a small skill outbreak to save a big unparalleled skills out, recommend God prisoners, videotape, split, God off.

Stealth can be free to get 20 points unparalleled consumption reduction, save almost instantaneous into stealth – open poison to enlarge unparalleled skills. Basically received a large unparalleled technology will die also disabled.
There is a little knowledge: stealth state to release the shadow kill will not make the shadow into the cooling.

As a stealth fortress to try to use the potential skills of skilled cultivation.

Battlefield + gang rack:
After entering the battle to save a Samsung, recommended close group god prisoners, remote group god meteorite, single seconds God off.
Save enough after the unparalleled, back to no one place, waiting for off the war, the potential shadow stealth, or the use of instantaneous forced stealth.

After stealth there are three options:
God prisoner: went to the rear row of people in the middle of the location – poison – God prisoners – chain – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – If the number of attributes can be a good bunch of seconds. Delicate residual output dead.

God off: pick an enemy or local tyrants directly poison – God off – blood thorns – chain play – small skills to fill the knife after the death of the road. Satisfied stealth as long as the difference is not the basis of the basic skills are seconds.

God meteorite: a good position to pick the timing of poisonous body – God meteorite seconds crowd.

Always repeat the above things to the end of the fight. Personally think that stealth flow is more appropriate and I like the poor majority of the people, the property does not need too high can also be seconds. Tate is generally directly on the church when the hard. The next time again hair PVE.

There is a save the unique skills: as long as the state of the battle regardless of whether the chain hit people, will add unparalleled. If the chain point of the high repair reply to the left side of the unparalleled words is the same reason


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