How to get the gold equipment in Revelation Online

You need to do the Handmade quest as soon as it becomes available for you to do. It’s 120 steps long so it’ll take awhile to complete but at the end of it you get 3 random gold gear recipes. The quest requires you to turn in gathering/crafting materials and doing some other stuff. The recipes aren’t soul bound so sell or trade the ones you can’t use to get the ones you need.

The necklace/earrings though are crafted which you’ll need to use imperial/demonslaying points to get the materials for those

After making your gold gear go to the oneric trials to get the stuff that allows you to awaken your gear (for this you also need hematite) and then of course +8 or (if you can) +10 all your gear and this will put you at 70k+ gearscore

Stay at lvl 49 until you at least do all this cause once you lvl you enter a new bracket and if you have low gear score you’re gonna have a bad time.

And just how can you possibly expect people to even be able to do expert mode when they’re sitting in blues and purple and their gear score is really low eh? Its not possible, they’ll all die in one hit over and over and fail miserably at trying to get the mats for crafted gear whereas handmade is much easier to get and awkaken and can quickly get someones gear score to 80k or more fully enchanted/awakened/gemmed. Not to mention you can get like half a lvl worth of xp from just doing the handmade quest alone. Maybe its not quite as good as the crafted gear you’re going on about but its the starting gold gear that is easiest to get and once you get that you can much more easily farm the mats for the better gear and then just move the enchants/gems over to the new gear.

People who try to do 2-3 star dungeons in blues and purples are just causing trouble for everyone else and themselves and its a good way to find themselves kicked out of the dungeon because they can’t do enough dps/heals to keep up with what the dungeon requires.

Of course figuring out the mechanics helps the most but gear also plays a part too and people in blues and purples are not helping their group, they’re hindering it in terms of doing enough dps and healing and making the runs much harder than they need to be. If you want to do that with random groups then just don’t be surprised when they kick you for being a hindrance rather than an asset.

handmade is just the starting point, the minimum, those who won’t even do that much and die because they’re in bad gear when they don’t need to be will eventually be noticed and word will spread to others that you are not someone worth the time to party with. You may think I’m joking but I’m not, if you cultivate a good reputation now with other players it will pay off later on when it comes to end game.

if you have a guild group willing to carry you then great but if you don’t have that luxury then don’t pass up handmade and be a hindrance to others for literally no reason


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