How To Use Skin Templates for Armor and Weapon

There is barely not much information to be found on the internet about the use and purpose of weapon and armor templates, which can
be found at the auction or looted from a dead mob. Since i figured it out myself, i thought, why not share it? So hopefully it’s appreciated!

Let me explain what i did:

Armor / Weapon Templates skins

These are objects that can change the appearance / the look of your weapon. All you have to do is mix certain items and presto: A shiny new look under your cute litte face!

What do you need?

An armor piece or a weapon piece
Stencilpaste. ( Remember, armor pieces require mostly 2 units of stencilpaste. At this moment stencilpaste is very expensive. )

An specific template. ( Buy it in auction, or require it from dead mobs. I got mine in MH raid for example. )

That’s all! Now you need a location.. This can be rather confusing. But gladly all is in the same spot.

First you want to buy stencilpaste?

Then go to the Sulan General Store Manager: ( Located in the Eastern Trade Region in… Sulan ofcourse! )

The next thing you need is to combine the stencil template with your weapon or armor piece with the use of stencilpaste.
To do that, you’ll need the use of a second NPC. Gladly he is just around the corner near the west.

Go to Gyb Botol, the weapon shop boss. He can equip them for you, by giving him the required Tipcomponents.
Simply put it together in the menu, and here you go.


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