Tipps for the Guild Base

I googled around for a bit because i was looking for some Information on the features for the Guild base and also some tipps for it and guild features in general. But i only found information about the cb version.

I would like to make this into a topic where we collect all kinds of tipps, everyone can share what they know and i will add some of the tipps into my post.

I also have some specific information id like to know about, I hope someone can help me.

1. Ways to quickly Farm Nimbus Wood and Seredite.
2. Where can I see how much materials my buildings produce? (like x nimbus wood per hour for the felling site)
3. Which stats should I look out for when hiring new npcs, also how can i lvl them up
4. How can i quickly explore my Base?
5. Ways to lvl the guild fast?
6. are there specific repeatable quests where I can earn materials needed for my guild base? Like Mitiite, nimbus wood seredite etc.
7. How do Clan wars work, can you give us some Pointers? What should i look out for, whats the goal? Someone said i need to win clan wars in order to get Serediite Nodes, can someone explain?
8. Tipps for Guild Technologies would also be appreciated.
9. (And this is very important for me personally) Can someone explain the window with the rights for guild ranks? I think either the translations are a mess or the text there hasnt been inserted correctly, i have no clue what these words are supposed to represent. ( will add a screenshot of this)
Also, does anyone know if there is/will be a way to rename guild ranks?

To some of these questions i can give a few answers, but im sure there are better answers too.

like, for exploring the base I know of two ways.

4. First off, you and your guildmates should do exploration guild quests, if i remember correctly you can get them from the guild board.
second, i heard that some of the fog dissipates when you lvl your guild hall/ meeting hall. I didnt test this yet though, since i didnt lvl my guild to lvl 2 yet.

5. I know that you can get exp for “civilisation text” im not sure how to use them though. You can get them by doing guild quests. you get civillation pages or something, you can combine 10 of them into a civillation text. According to my guild info you can use 150 of them to lvl your guild to lvl 2 from 1, but im not a 100% sure about this. There are also other higher tiered books for guild levelling.

6. If I remember correctly i got Mitiite and commerce center cash from some green quests, however i cant remember which ones they were. I started those quests in sulan though.

8. If you have explored your guild enough and built a cultivation space, you can research the technology “flight to safety” in the technology tab of your guild window. With this skill you can return to the base from anywhere. Im not sure if everyone in the guild can use this though.


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