I would like to put my own input into Revelation Online

I have proof that a volunteer forum moderator has been working on game bugs. With that said I could care less about p2w but I care about the game dying.

You can say what ever you want but I am on Darkfall where 3 guilds are under one name and those 3 guilds are steam rolling our server. Wrath is one of the few guilds who can stand up to them for a limited amount of time before their bodies overwhelm our skill. You equip 300+ players with pay2win feature they will overwhelm every single player. When Saturday hits no matter how powerful my guild is in strength they cannot defeat Hostile. I strongly believe Hostile will own the entire map come Saturday.

I have a poll going on I am discourage from posting as it is considered against the rules. 46 players will be quitting, 29 staying. That is nearly 2/3 of the poll leaving. I personally will attempt to refund in the next 72 hours if my.com does not do anything.

This is my.com they are known for bleeding you of your money and killing games. I gave them the benefit of the doubt because this game looks beautiful and the guild base feature and housing turned me on to the game. I am sad that I will never see the housing. I am whining like a child but I honestly believe the game dies this week. Saturday will push those on the fence to quit and less than a month from now those celebrating this huge advantage will also quit. my.com will be known as the laughing stalk among gamers more so than ever before.

my.com admit you were wrong. Listen to your players and say you are sorry. You do not have to roll your servers back but give players free aurum give them free gems make the game leveled. Those who abused this new feature will benefit from this sorry gift and cannot complain.

At the end of the day do you want 100 players demanding a refund over 10 players who cannot pay for those refund?

Sorry for being negative but I love this game and I am sad the future looks so grim.


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