Revelation Online Level Up Discuss

I wouldn’t blame Gold Sellers for the reason why people are already lv59+ myself I am level 59+ I could easily be lv60 right now but been using my exp on Cultivation. I have only spent $20 in this game. The major factor of people leveling so fast is not gold sellers but the 1 week early access. A lot of us got level 40 on day 1. Level 50 by the public release. A lot of the 10+ gear is from from the Founders pack. We got a lot of stuff from it. the founders pack + Delusive Force XP pack got all my gear +8 and my weapons +10. I could have easily got all +10 if I didn’t reroll certain refinements for better ones.

Another factor is we played CBT others including my self played CN as well. So we know what to do and how to level up fast. How to farm gold fast. i had to farm around 1 Million Gythil during Early access.

Maybe for those who dont know the ins and outs of the game and started late got a boost with the gold they bought. But more most this isn’t the case. At the current pricing of Aurum on my server. It’s cheaper to buy Aurum from than it is to buy it with Gythil.

As I personally dont agree with the lv59 update. As it dramatically increased the price of aurum on my server. (Went from 200 per unit to 600 per unit over night) I understand what it was put into place. It’s the easiest way to get ride of them selling aurum for dirt cheap to make gythil to sell. Most Gold Farmers are not even lv50. Most of them are lv20-30. None of them will spend the time to grind out this game to level up.


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