Mathematical Approach to Maximizing DPS or Heals

Played RO 3 months on the China server (Equinox guild), and will be playing on NA (Eterna guild) coming OBT. I do engineering irl, so calculations is what I do (among other things :P). I'll get straight to the point. There are two parts to this post. The first is a guide giving insight, using... Continue Reading →


Swordmage or Blademaster in PvP Guide

Hey I also struggled deciding on what to play. I'll tell you what I got from my research. I want to give a big disclaimer that this is just based of what I read. I have only personally played Gunslinger and Blade Master. Blademaster is basically the CC machine. If he gets close to someone... Continue Reading →

Tipps for the Guild Base

I googled around for a bit because i was looking for some Information on the features for the Guild base and also some tipps for it and guild features in general. But i only found information about the cb version. I would like to make this into a topic where we collect all kinds of... Continue Reading →

Revelation Online Development Options Tips

Level up to unlock new skills. By investing development points into each of them, you can create unique builds for different situations. The game allows you to save several builds at the same time and switch between them as necessary. For example, you can invest your points in different skills, some more suitable for PvP... Continue Reading →

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