Revelation Online Open Beta Trailer

I'm going to spend the next hour downloading the game and will spend 10 minutes creating the character. Then I'll play the game for two minutes, be annoyed by the tab targeting bullshit, and then never touch it again. It's not 2002. You don't have to do tab targeting bullshit anymore.


Revelation Online Chevron Stealth PVP

The following to level 79 as an example: Attribute plus point: Physical constitution 100-120 Spirit 100-120 Power 20 Left all agile Skill cultivation plus point: A total of 90 points repair, because the poor can not afford the disease of the high repair + 20 percent attack and some cheap skills such as advanced repair... Continue Reading →

Should Dyes Be Permanent?

To clarify really quick, there is no merchant who sells dyes in Fort Whetstone. I looked at every single shop in the entire place and from what I've seen you can buy dye remover for your outfits but no actual dyes. There are only dye sellers in Sidus Ur and Sulan and they both only... Continue Reading →

Revelation Online Development Options Tips

Level up to unlock new skills. By investing development points into each of them, you can create unique builds for different situations. The game allows you to save several builds at the same time and switch between them as necessary. For example, you can invest your points in different skills, some more suitable for PvP... Continue Reading →

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