Revelation Online Level Up Discuss

I wouldn't blame Gold Sellers for the reason why people are already lv59+ myself I am level 59+ I could easily be lv60 right now but been using my exp on Cultivation. I have only spent $20 in this game. The major factor of people leveling so fast is not gold sellers but the 1... Continue Reading →


The Crusader maps are a shortcut

It doesn't negate the fact that the Crusader maps are a shortcut for those who are highly competitive to have an even larger advantage if they have the money to shell out for it. Face it, a large majority of the game's population will not know what it means to get an opportunity to be... Continue Reading →

Solution to the Cash Shop!

Okay so I'm tired of seeing good MMO's coming from the Eastern side failing due to failed Cash Shops. What they don't seem to understand is that they could simply supply the Cash Shop with Purely Cosmetics and some "helpful" items such as increased bag sizes. Take Tera for example, they make so much money... Continue Reading →

Tipps for the Guild Base

I googled around for a bit because i was looking for some Information on the features for the Guild base and also some tipps for it and guild features in general. But i only found information about the cb version. I would like to make this into a topic where we collect all kinds of... Continue Reading →

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